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19-02-20 (04:01)   Dead By Daylight Chains Of Hate Releases March 10th (GamingBolt)
19-02-20 (03:37)   Super Robot Wars OG: Seems we Might Wait a While Till the Next Game (DualShockers)
19-02-20 (03:15)   The Witcher 3 Cross Save Feature Not Planned For PS4 And Xbox One (GamingBolt)
19-02-20 (02:08)   Monster Hunter's greatsword has the best videogame animation since Chris Redfield punched a boulder (PC Gamer)
19-02-20 (02:06)   My Hero One's Justice 2 Story Trailer Details Hero and Villain Sides (DualShockers)
19-02-20 (01:39)   Someone is selling the free, open source Playnite launcher on Steam for $100 (PC Gamer)
19-02-20 (01:14)   EVE Online Shooter Cancelled, EVE Online Shooter Announced (Kotaku)
19-02-20 (01:10)   New Apex Legends Octane Bundle Available Now For PS4, PC, Xbox One (GameSpot)
19-02-20 (00:59)   Twitch adds a real-time stat tracking extension for League of Legends (PCGamesN.com)
19-02-20 (00:54)   5 things Fallout 76's new human NPCs need to do to pull me back into the game (PC Gamer)
19-02-20 (00:27)   EA's game servers went down this morning (updated) (Engadget)
19-02-20 (00:25)   Adventure game Norco is a pixel art lover's dream (PC Gamer)
19-02-20 (00:25)   I got drunk trying to take Geralt on a pub crawl in The Witcher 3 (PC Gamer)
19-02-20 (00:08)   Xbox Game Pass will get Yakuza 0, Two Point Hospital, and more soon (PC Gamer)
18-02-20 (23:43)   Besiege Is Now "Out" After Five Years In Early Access (Kotaku)
18-02-20 (23:39)   This re-creation of Metroid Fusion in Minecraft is very impressive (PC Gamer)
18-02-20 (23:24)   The Witcher 3 On Switch Gets Discounted After New PC Cross-Save Patch (GameSpot)
18-02-20 (22:45)   Steam's going global - January's top new releases include a host of non-English games (PCGamesN.com)
18-02-20 (22:39)   13 of Steam's top 20 new games in January were made in Asia (PC Gamer)
18-02-20 (22:39)   Your Witcher 3 saves from Steam and GOG will now work on the Nintendo Switch (PC Gamer)
18-02-20 (22:25)   Rainbow Six Siege will get secondary gadgets that let attackers carry a little Thatcher or Thermite in their pocket (PC Gamer)
18-02-20 (22:23)   Romero Games' Empire of Sin Delayed to Fall 2020 (DualShockers)
18-02-20 (22:22)   The Witcher 3 for Switch now features cross-saves with PC (SlashGear)
18-02-20 (22:08)   End-of-the-world adventure Beautiful Desolation comes out later this month (PC Gamer)
18-02-20 (21:55)   Best PC Gaming Deals (February 2020): Laptops, Games, Monitors, And More (GameSpot)
18-02-20 (21:54)   After overheating concerns, Asus is helping RX 5700 owners tighten their screws (PC Gamer)
18-02-20 (21:49)   Long-in-the-works EVE Online FPS Project Nova is officially cancelled (Eurogamer.net)
18-02-20 (21:41)   Xbox Game Pass Adds Eight More Games On Xbox One And PC (GameSpot)
18-02-20 (21:37)   Daemon x Machina is Everything Anime Mecha Fans Could Wish for On PC (DualShockers)
18-02-20 (21:23)   Baldur's Gate 3 Gameplay Reveal is Coming February 27 at PAX East (DualShockers)
18-02-20 (21:06)   Blue Protocol Gameplay, Changes from Closed Alpha to Beta Explained (DualShockers)
18-02-20 (20:55)   Some Of 2019's Best PC Games Get Steep Discounts In New Sale (GameSpot)
18-02-20 (20:43)   'Sam's Story' Sends Metro Exodus Off With A Bang And A Harmonica (Kotaku)
18-02-20 (20:37)   Darksiders Genesis Review - Back to Where it All Began (DualShockers)
18-02-20 (20:28)   An Eve Online FPS is still coming, but CCP is going quiet on things like Project Nova (PCGamesN.com)
18-02-20 (20:27)   'The Witcher 3' update brings PC cross-saves to the Switch (Engadget)
18-02-20 (20:25)   EVE Online shooter cancelled to make way for a new EVE Online shooter (PC Gamer)
18-02-20 (20:22)   Larian teases Baldur's Gate 3 gameplay reveal (SlashGear)
18-02-20 (20:14)   Witcher 3 Update Allows You To Transfer PC Saves To Switch (Kotaku)
18-02-20 (20:08)   How Blizzard turned a Hearthstone fan theory into Hearthstone fact (PC Gamer)
18-02-20 (20:06)   Witcher 3 Switch Update Adds Cross-Save Functionality with PC Version (DualShockers)
18-02-20 (20:01)   The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Complete Edition - Update 3.6 Now Live Worldwide for Switch (GamingBolt)
18-02-20 (19:54)   Need a cheap 1080p display? This 27-inch IPS monitor is on sale for $85 today (PC Gamer)
18-02-20 (19:44)   AO Tennis 2 Review - Not Quite An Ace (GamingBolt)
18-02-20 (19:44)   Age of Wonders: Planetfall Receives More Difficulty Settings, No Colonizer Mode in New Update (GamingBolt)
18-02-20 (19:41)   The Witcher 3 Switch update delivers cross-platform saves with the PC version (Neowin.net)
18-02-20 (19:30)   Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Receives Last Update on March 5th, No Sequel Planned (GamingBolt)
18-02-20 (19:25)   Arctic's Freezer 7 X brings affordable air cooling to CPUs for $20 (PC Gamer)
18-02-20 (19:25)   Asus launches a pair of adorably sized GeForce RTX 2060 cards for compact PCs (PC Gamer)
18-02-20 (19:25)   Grab this MSI RTX 2080 Super for just 699, its lowest price ever on Amazon (PC Gamer)
18-02-20 (19:25)   Duke Nukem developer reveals cancelled Aliens shooter with online co-op (PC Gamer)
18-02-20 (19:14)   PLAY YAKUZA 0, YOU JERKS (coming soon to Game Pass for PC) (PCGamesN.com)
18-02-20 (19:06)   Romero's mobster management sim Empire of Sin gets a delay (Eurogamer.net)
18-02-20 (19:03)   CCP cancel Project Nova, but haven't given up on an EVE Online shooter (Rock, Paper, Shotgun)
18-02-20 (19:01)   PS5, Xbox Series X Zen 2 CPU Brings Them Closer to PC, Allows for "Great Things" - Dev (GamingBolt)
18-02-20 (19:01)   Bayonetta and Vanquish 10th Anniversary Bundle Out Now on PS4, Xbox One (GamingBolt)
18-02-20 (18:52)   Epic Games Store Will Offer Assassin's Creed Syndicate for Free (DualShockers)
18-02-20 (18:40)   The Witcher 3 Now Lets You Save Across PC And ?Switch, ?Version 3.6 Patch ?Notes Revealed (Nintendo Life)
18-02-20 (18:39)   Skyrim in Real Life makes a mockery of the game's clumsy NPCs (PC Gamer)
18-02-20 (18:28)   US DoD enlists 290,304 Zen 2 cores for petaflop PC... equal to 18,144 Ryzen 9 CPUs (PCGamesN.com)
18-02-20 (18:28)   Baldur's Gate 3 gameplay will be revealed in nine days - here's how to watch (PCGamesN.com)
18-02-20 (18:25)   First Baldur's Gate 3 gameplay footage will be revealed on February 27 (PC Gamer)
18-02-20 (18:18)   Rumour: Animated Overwatch and Diablo TV adaptations are in the works (Rock, Paper, Shotgun)
18-02-20 (18:03)   Premature Evaluation: Rover Mechanic Simulator (Rock, Paper, Shotgun)
18-02-20 (17:58)   The Witcher 3 Switch update adds PC cross-save and improved graphics (GamesRadar)
18-02-20 (17:55)   The Witcher 3 Switch 3.6 Patch -- Update Adds Cross-Save With PC (GameSpot)
18-02-20 (17:55)   The Witcher 3 Switch update adds PC cross-save, new graphics options (Polygon)
18-02-20 (17:54)   Star Trek: Borg is a '90s FMV game that doesn't completely suck (PC Gamer)
18-02-20 (17:48)   Microsoft Reveals Remaining Game Pass Titles for February (Thurrott.com)
18-02-20 (17:45)   Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers 5.2 patch release date arrives (PCGamesN.com)
18-02-20 (17:30)   Baldur's Gate 3 Gameplay Reveal Announced for February 27th (GamingBolt)
18-02-20 (17:28)   GTA 5 is half-price right now - Civ 6, The Outer Worlds, and Borderlands 3 are cheap, too (PCGamesN.com)
18-02-20 (17:25)   Which job should you choose in Final Fantasy XIV? (PC Gamer)
18-02-20 (17:23)   Dissidia: Final Fantasy and Dissidia NT Enter Maintenance Mode (DualShockers)
18-02-20 (17:10)   PC Gaming Accessories, Speakers Up To 50% Off In Amazon Deal Of The Day (GameSpot)
18-02-20 (17:06)   Yakuza 0 and Kingdom Hearts III Among New Additions Coming Soon to Xbox Game Pass (DualShockers)
18-02-20 (16:59)   Kick off your streaming career with these Logitech accessories on sale (Mashable)
18-02-20 (16:49)   Hunt: Showdown review - a sweaty, stinking, cat-and-mouse masterpiece (Eurogamer.net)
18-02-20 (16:49)   Empire of Sin pushes its prohibition crime spree back to Autumn (Rock, Paper, Shotgun)
18-02-20 (16:41)   The Witcher 3 Switch Update Adds Cross-Save With PC (GameSpot)
18-02-20 (16:30)   Yakuza 0, Kingdom Hearts 3 Coming to Xbox Game Pass for Consoles Next Week (GamingBolt)
18-02-20 (16:30)   Paradox Interactive Profits And Revenue Saw Rises In 2019 (GamingBolt)
18-02-20 (16:14)   Wolcen mods are already here - check out some of the best so far (PCGamesN.com)
18-02-20 (16:08)   Fan-made Witcher VR game lets you explore Kaer Morhen (PC Gamer)
18-02-20 (15:49)   Dishonored and Wolfenstein games are now available at GOG - and they're 70% off (Eurogamer.net)
18-02-20 (15:44)   Final Fantasy 14 - "Echoes of a Fallen Star" Update Now Available (GamingBolt)
18-02-20 (15:39)   Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2 might be called TakeOver and include helicopters (PC Gamer)
18-02-20 (15:35)   Kingdom Hearts 3 and Yakuza 0 headed to Xbox Game Pass (Eurogamer.net)
18-02-20 (15:25)   I became the mob's personal tailor after a gangster saved my life in GTA 5 RP (PC Gamer)
18-02-20 (15:20)   Check out the flashy Cyberpunk 2077 graphics card you can't buy (Eurogamer.net)
18-02-20 (15:15)   Path of Exile - 3.10.0 Expansion Announcement Planned for February 25th (GamingBolt)
18-02-20 (14:54)   Empire of Sin has been delayed until autumn 2020 (PC Gamer)
18-02-20 (14:38)   The Witcher 3 Switch update with PC cross-save, graphics options reportedly rolling out (Nintendo Enthusiast)
18-02-20 (14:30)   Empire of Sin Delayed to Fall 2020 (GamingBolt)
18-02-20 (14:06)   Animal Crossing and DOOM Eternal Fans Are Coming Together in a Wholesome Way on Reddit (DualShockers)
18-02-20 (14:06)   The Witcher Ciri and the Kitsune Cosplay is Lethally Beautiful (DualShockers)
18-02-20 (14:03)   Temtem update opens the Saipark, a weekly new end-game safari (Rock, Paper, Shotgun)
18-02-20 (13:59)   Rainbow Six Siege nearly didn't get one of its most iconic mechanics (PCGamesN.com)
18-02-20 (13:59)   XCOM-like strategy game Empire of Sin delayed (PCGamesN.com)
18-02-20 (13:49)   Fortnite fans piece together new Chapter 2 Season 2 locations (Eurogamer.net)
18-02-20 (13:32)   Spintires follow-up SnowRunner defrosts in time for an April release (Rock, Paper, Shotgun)
18-02-20 (13:25)   Call of Duty: Modern Warfare's battle royale mode apparently launches in March (PC Gamer)
18-02-20 (12:45)   Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 2 is named TakeOver and includes helicopters and ships, leaks say (PCGamesN.com)
18-02-20 (12:45)   Cheap League of Legends skins (and Champions)! Here are this week's deals (PCGamesN.com)
18-02-20 (12:39)   Paradox will continue to experiment with selling games outside of Steam (PC Gamer)
18-02-20 (12:35)   Looks like The Witcher 3 on Switch is getting PC cross-save (Eurogamer.net)
18-02-20 (12:14)   Hundreds of Millions of PC Components Still Have Hackable Firmware (WIRED)
18-02-20 (12:08)   Delve into a dense, atmospheric world in free horror Chronotopophobia (PC Gamer)
18-02-20 (12:06)   Borderlands 3, The Outer Worlds and GTA 5 are 50% off in the Fanatical Bundle Blast sale (Eurogamer.net)
18-02-20 (12:01)   Mutant Year Zero Developer's Corruption 2029 is Now Available on PC (GamingBolt)
18-02-20 (11:52)   Metro Exodus Developer Added Incredibly Detailed Captions Following Feedback Last Year (DualShockers)
18-02-20 (11:45)   Hunt: Showdown review scores - our roundup of the critics (PCGamesN.com)
18-02-20 (11:44)   DOOM Eternal Video Reveals Colorblind Options, UI Customization and More (GamingBolt)
18-02-20 (08:49)   Have You Played... A Case Of Distrust? (Rock, Paper, Shotgun)
18-02-20 (08:01)   Rainbow Six Siege Shows Off New Operators Gameplay And Year 5 Roadmap (GamingBolt)
18-02-20 (06:30)   Metro Exodus: Sam's Story Review - Homeward Bound (GamingBolt)
18-02-20 (06:14)   Temtem update makes Luma hunting even more of a grind, but relief is coming (PCGamesN.com)
18-02-20 (05:44)   Assassin's Creed Syndicate Will Be Free On Epic Games Store February 20th (GamingBolt)
18-02-20 (05:01)   Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare's Battle Royale, Warzone, Releases In March - Rumors (GamingBolt)
18-02-20 (01:14)   Warframe devs reveal Scarlet Spear, The Deadlock Protocol, and Tennocon 2020 (PCGamesN.com)
18-02-20 (00:39)   This Wi-Fi 6 router looks like an airplane and is $300 for today only ($100 off) (PC Gamer)
18-02-20 (00:35)   Assassin's Creed Syndicate is free on the Epic Games Store this week (Eurogamer.net)
17-02-20 (23:39)   Survival RPG Outward has a DLC coming called The Soroboreans (PC Gamer)
17-02-20 (23:39)   Assassin's Creed Syndicate is free on the Epic Games Store this week (PC Gamer)
17-02-20 (23:28)   These are the eight League of Legends champions pros have refused to pick in 2020 (PCGamesN.com)
17-02-20 (23:25)   Dishonored and Wolfenstein games go DRM-free on GOG, and they're very cheap (PC Gamer)
17-02-20 (23:18)   A month before Half-Life: Alyx, Valve's Index headset is still sold out (Rock, Paper, Shotgun)
17-02-20 (22:54)   Tactical RPG Broken Lines' new trailer and characters highlight a grim war (PC Gamer)
17-02-20 (21:59)   Free-to-play Call of Duty: Warzone release date reportedly set for March (PCGamesN.com)
17-02-20 (21:49)   Amazon's New World MMO talks lore but little gameplay in a new video (Rock, Paper, Shotgun)
17-02-20 (21:08)   Icy MudRunner sequel SnowRunner comes skidding to an April release (PC Gamer)
17-02-20 (21:06)   Nvidia Reveals Cyberpunk-themed RTX 2080 Ti GPU (DualShockers)
17-02-20 (20:49)   Twelve years on, AudioSurf gets an update outta nowhere (Rock, Paper, Shotgun)
17-02-20 (20:39)   10 of the weirdest gaming wiki pages (PC Gamer)
17-02-20 (20:25)   RimWorld 1.1 beefs up mod support, adds tortured artists, ducks, and donkeys (PC Gamer)
17-02-20 (20:14)   Rainbow Six Siege Void Edge patch notes - Year 5 hits the test server (PCGamesN.com)
17-02-20 (20:14)   Legends of Runeterra patch 0.9.0 notes - Card, XP, and Expedition rewards changes (PCGamesN.com)
17-02-20 (19:30)   Warface Is Available for Free on Switch Out of Nowhere (GamingBolt)
17-02-20 (19:14)   Two free games from Epic are live - store adds an extra triple-A title to the lineup (PCGamesN.com)
17-02-20 (19:08)   Diablo and Overwatch might be getting animated TV adaptations (PC Gamer)
17-02-20 (19:08)   Clearance sale: This Corsair keyboard, mouse, and headset combo is just $80 (PC Gamer)
17-02-20 (19:03)   Castlevania is back for season 3 on Netflix next month (Rock, Paper, Shotgun)
17-02-20 (19:01)   Audica Interview - Blasting with Rhythm (GamingBolt)
17-02-20 (19:01)   New World Dev Diary Showcases Three Opposing Factions (GamingBolt)
17-02-20 (18:59)   Five of Bethesda's best games are now DRM-free and 70% off (PCGamesN.com)
17-02-20 (18:59)   Nvidia's RTX 2080 Ti Cyberpunk 2077 is real... and here's how you win one (PCGamesN.com)
17-02-20 (18:54)   This 15.6-inch Ryzen gaming laptop with a GTX 1660 Ti is on sale for $810 (PC Gamer)
17-02-20 (18:32)   A remake of monster-moulding RPG Geneforge stormed it on Kickstarter (Rock, Paper, Shotgun)
17-02-20 (18:32)   Rainbow Six Siege's fifth and sixth years will see reworks to loads of existing maps and operators (Rock, Paper, Shotgun)
17-02-20 (18:32)   Updated: Nvidia unveil Cyberpunk 2077 graphics card, and now we need new cybernetic eyes (Rock, Paper, Shotgun)
17-02-20 (18:28)   AMD Ryzen B550A motherboards with PCIe 4.0 have been available for months (PCGamesN.com)
17-02-20 (18:25)   Nvidia's limited edition Cyberpunk 2077 GPU is very yellow (PC Gamer)
17-02-20 (18:20)   Lair of the Clockwork God launches with a surprise prequel (Eurogamer.net)
17-02-20 (18:18)   Wolcen best builds: skills and gear to equip (Rock, Paper, Shotgun)
17-02-20 (18:14)   You can now play Fallout 4 inside Dreams, and it's amazing (PCGamesN.com)
17-02-20 (18:12)   All cross-platform games (PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC) (Digital Trends)
17-02-20 (18:03)   Modder Superior - Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy (Rock, Paper, Shotgun)
17-02-20 (17:44)   Cyberpunk 2077 - Nvidia Teases Limited Edition GPU (GamingBolt)
17-02-20 (17:39)   Doosk is a Doom 2 mod that's full of weapons from Dusk (PC Gamer)
17-02-20 (17:18)   The guy mimicking Skyrim NPCs by walking into stuff is actually pretty funny (Rock, Paper, Shotgun)
17-02-20 (17:14)   "Transmission intercepted" - Fortnite Chapter 2: Season 2 teasers emerge (PCGamesN.com)
17-02-20 (17:14)   Intel Tiger Lake dev kits shipping now for initial run of Xe laptops (PCGamesN.com)
17-02-20 (17:08)   How to romance Sebastian in Stardew Valley (PC Gamer)
17-02-20 (17:08)   In Other Waters lets you explore the strange depths of a thriving alien ocean (PC Gamer)
17-02-20 (16:45)   Corruption 2029 is XCOM meets Metal Gear Solid and it's out now (PCGamesN.com)
17-02-20 (16:41)   Top New Game Releases On Switch, PS4, Xbox One, And PC This Week -- February 16-22, 2020 (GameSpot)
17-02-20 (16:06)   Renovation sim House Flipper arrives on consoles next week (Eurogamer.net)
17-02-20 (16:03)   Among Ripples' creative director on crayfish, capitalism, and 90s Star Trek (Rock, Paper, Shotgun)
17-02-20 (14:35)   The Suicide of Rachel Foster review - a Shining-esque riff on Gone Home that doesn't quite dazzle (Eurogamer.net)
17-02-20 (14:25)   Horizon: Zero Dawn on PC: all the rumours in one place (PC Gamer)
17-02-20 (14:08)   New World dev diary reveals the factions and lore of the MMO's PvE (PC Gamer)
17-02-20 (14:03)   Daikatana is a game that lives down to its reputation (Rock, Paper, Shotgun)
17-02-20 (14:03)   Mutant Year Zero devs launch new tactics 'em up Corruption 2029 today (Rock, Paper, Shotgun)
17-02-20 (13:45)   Move over The Witcher - Diablo and Overwatch are getting animated shows (PCGamesN.com)
17-02-20 (13:45)   Wolcen servers are back up after launch day mayhem (PCGamesN.com)
17-02-20 (13:39)   Academics are making 'intelligent buildings' with the help of fungi (PC Gamer)
17-02-20 (13:35)   Fortnite's Chapter 2: Season 2 ARG drops hints worldwide (Eurogamer.net)
17-02-20 (13:15)   The Wonderful 101: Remastered Success Could Prompt A Sequel (GamingBolt)
17-02-20 (13:14)   Rainbow Six Siege's Year 5 Pass will be cheaper and boost battle pass progression (PCGamesN.com)
17-02-20 (13:14)   Nvidia admits "misunderstanding" with Activision Blizzard over GeForce Now (PCGamesN.com)
17-02-20 (13:06)   Lara Croft's heading to Rainbow Six Siege... sort of (Eurogamer.net)
17-02-20 (13:03)   Wolcen's servers are back online after a rocky launch weekend (Rock, Paper, Shotgun)
17-02-20 (13:01)   Destiny 2 - Elemental Affinity, Seasonal Mod Changes Coming in Next Season (GamingBolt)
17-02-20 (12:49)   Sort your PS4 or Xbox One storage with this 4TB external hard drive for just 65 (Eurogamer.net)
17-02-20 (12:32)   RimWorld 1.1 will bring new items and animals, including a goose (Rock, Paper, Shotgun)
17-02-20 (12:14)   Call of Duty movie "no longer a priority" for Activision - and it's on hold (PCGamesN.com)
17-02-20 (12:06)   Upgrade your PC with discounted Crucial RAM on Amazon today (Eurogamer.net)
17-02-20 (12:01)   Destiny 2 Xur Exotics: Tractor Cannon, Starfire Protocol, The Dragon's Shadow (GamingBolt)
17-02-20 (11:44)   Rainbow Six Siege Coming to PS5, Xbox Series X (GamingBolt)
17-02-20 (11:37)   Super Robot Wars Series Stream Coming February 18 (DualShockers)
17-02-20 (10:52)   Rainbow Six Siege Targets Next Gen Launch Dates, Will Feature Cross-Generation Multiplayer (DualShockers)
17-02-20 (09:01)   12 Fighting Game Mechanics That Make No Sense (GamingBolt)
17-02-20 (08:49)   Have You Played... E.Y.E: Divine Cybermancy? (Rock, Paper, Shotgun)
17-02-20 (06:54)   Watch a new trailer for bee management game Hive Time (PC Gamer)
17-02-20 (06:45)   Rainbow Six Siege's jump to next-gen consoles won't impact PC players (PCGamesN.com)
17-02-20 (06:25)   Fortnite added a Rickroll emote (PC Gamer)
17-02-20 (05:14)   The Week In Games: Slide To The Left, Slide To The Right (Kotaku)
17-02-20 (05:08)   Audiosurf, 12 years old this month, just received an update (PC Gamer)
17-02-20 (01:45)   Siege won't be getting new maps until all existing maps have been reworked (PCGamesN.com)
17-02-20 (01:25)   Here's footage from an abandoned StarCraft third-person console game (PC Gamer)
17-02-20 (01:10)   Top New Games Releasing On Switch, PS4, Xbox One, And PC This Week -- February 16-22, 2020 (GameSpot)
17-02-20 (01:10)   Top New Games Out On Switch, PS4, Xbox One, And PC This Week -- February 16-22, 2020 (GameSpot)
17-02-20 (00:54)   Five new Steam games you probably missed (February 17, 2020) (PC Gamer)
16-02-20 (23:28)   Rainbow Six Siege Tachanka rework fully revealed (PCGamesN.com)
16-02-20 (23:14)   Ubisoft reveal massive changes to Rainbow Six Siege esports (PCGamesN.com)
16-02-20 (22:54)   Hell yeah, Rainbow Six Siege is getting a Golden Gun mode (PC Gamer)
16-02-20 (22:54)   Rainbow Six Siege's worst operator is getting a flame grenade launcher (PC Gamer)
16-02-20 (22:54)   Rainbow Six Siege director says Clash is a 'top candidate' for a rework (PC Gamer)
16-02-20 (21:25)   Mecha action game Daemon X Machina deploys on PC, and the port is great (PC Gamer)
16-02-20 (21:01)   Cyberpunk 2077 Limited Edition Xbox One Controller Possibly Leaked By Retailer (GamingBolt)
16-02-20 (20:01)   Next Capcom VS Game Potentially Leaked By Devil May Cry 5 Voice Actor (GamingBolt)
16-02-20 (19:44)   DOOM Eternal's Newest Trailer Gives an Overview of the Campaign and Battlemode (GamingBolt)
16-02-20 (19:39)   Surreal exploration game Ramiwo releases this week (PC Gamer)
16-02-20 (19:18)   Skate Story is shredding an otherworldly line into oblivion (Rock, Paper, Shotgun)
16-02-20 (19:06)   The latest Silent Hill 2: Enhanced Edition mod fixes shadows and special effects (Eurogamer.net)
16-02-20 (18:30)   Marvel's Avengers Leaked Achievements Confirm New Story Details (GamingBolt)
16-02-20 (17:45)   All the Sonic games are on sale (PCGamesN.com)
16-02-20 (17:06)   Gust Celebrate as Atelier Ryza Will Soon Become Best Selling Atelier Ever (DualShockers)
16-02-20 (16:49)   The best Black Friday 4K TV deal returns: 999 for the LG B9 OLED (Eurogamer.net)
16-02-20 (16:49)   Screenshot Saturday Sundays: Letting the sun set on windmills, androids and dusty old towers (Rock, Paper, Shotgun)
16-02-20 (16:14)   This Sparta mod for Mount & Blade: Warband is cruel and unforgiving (PCGamesN.com)
16-02-20 (16:06)   Meet Oryx and Iana, Rainbow Six Siege's Y5 S1 latest operators (Eurogamer.net)
16-02-20 (15:06)   This mod will let you play the entirety of GTA 5 in VR (Eurogamer.net)
16-02-20 (14:06)   GeForce Now has pulled Activision Blizzard games because they weren't supposed to be there in the first place (Eurogamer.net)
16-02-20 (14:03)   State of Decay 2 prepares for Steam with a Juggernaut overhaul (Rock, Paper, Shotgun)
16-02-20 (13:12)   How to take a screenshot on a Windows PC (Digital Trends)
16-02-20 (12:32)   Operation: Void Edge operators crash the Rainbow 6 test server tomorrow (Rock, Paper, Shotgun)
16-02-20 (09:08)   Great moments in PC gaming: Winning a ranked match in StarCraft 2 (PC Gamer)
16-02-20 (03:08)   State of Decay 2 is receiving a big overhaul in time for its Steam release (PC Gamer)
16-02-20 (02:25)   Silent Hill 2 Enhanced Edition updates, with fixes to shadows, effects, and more (PC Gamer)
16-02-20 (01:25)   Castlevania Season 3 is coming soon, looking cool (PC Gamer)
16-02-20 (00:08)   Oregon's rework in Rainbow Six Siege Void Edge is a lot to take in (PC Gamer)
15-02-20 (23:37)   Rainbow Six Siege Y5S1 Update Operation Void Edge Revealed (DualShockers)
15-02-20 (23:37)   Rainbow Six Siege Y5S1 Void Edge Guide - Operators and Map Rework Detailed (DualShockers)
15-02-20 (22:25)   Smashing through walls with Rainbow Six Siege's new defender is unreasonably fun (PC Gamer)
15-02-20 (22:14)   Rainbow Six Siege dev reveals game-changing Iana and Oryx abilities coming in Void Edge (PCGamesN.com)
15-02-20 (22:08)   Katana Zero's free DLC will be three times larger than expected (PC Gamer)
15-02-20 (22:03)   A date for Half-Life: Alyx, System Shock trouble, and more of the week's big news (Rock, Paper, Shotgun)
15-02-20 (22:03)   Valentine's Day events, squishing Dota smurfs, and more of the week's game updates (Rock, Paper, Shotgun)
15-02-20 (21:14)   Someday, aliens will find this Sonic porn parody and wonder what went wrong (PCGamesN.com)
15-02-20 (20:54)   Anime French Revolution strategy RPG Banner of the Maid is now in English (PC Gamer)
15-02-20 (19:59)   State of Decay 2 will get a zombie facelift March 13 with the Juggernaut Edition (PCGamesN.com)
15-02-20 (19:39)   Metro Exodus makes its way to Steam at 40% off (PC Gamer)
15-02-20 (19:18)   Quantic Dream are going indie, will self-publish future games (Rock, Paper, Shotgun)
15-02-20 (18:59)   YouTube's exclusive deal with Activision Blizzard esports is reportedly worth $160 million (PCGamesN.com)
15-02-20 (17:44)   Disintegration Hands On Impressions - Worth Keeping An Eye On (GamingBolt)
15-02-20 (17:32)   Fortnite's newest dance is no stranger to love (Rock, Paper, Shotgun)
15-02-20 (16:59)   Leaked video shows Rainbow Six Siege's new operators and their full abilities (PCGamesN.com)
15-02-20 (16:57)   Origin PC Cryo Core is a superfluously beautiful upgrade to keep your board cool (Digital Trends)
15-02-20 (16:14)   Billie Eilish's 'Bad Guy' uses a riff from Plants vs. Zombies (PCGamesN.com)
15-02-20 (14:49)   Nvidia's "misunderstanding" led to Activision pulling their games from GeForce Now (Rock, Paper, Shotgun)
15-02-20 (14:28)   Metro Exodus is now on Steam (PCGamesN.com)
15-02-20 (14:06)   DualShock 4 Back Button Attachment review: small but perfectly formed (Eurogamer.net)
15-02-20 (13:03)   Priceless Play - 15 February 2020 (Rock, Paper, Shotgun)
15-02-20 (12:49)   Metro Exodus arrives on Steam after a year of Epic exclusivity (Rock, Paper, Shotgun)
15-02-20 (12:02)   What makes the Snapdragon 8cx and Microsoft SQ1 PC-optimized compared to the Snapdragon 855? (NotebookCheck.net)
15-02-20 (10:41)   Weekend PC Game Deals: Bundled up VR titles plus more (Neowin.net)
15-02-20 (10:39)   Crapshoot: Man Enough, the unromantic romance game (PC Gamer)
15-02-20 (10:25)   Who is your favorite videogame detective? (PC Gamer)
15-02-20 (09:06)   Blind choice and blind luck: the magic of FTL's superlative decisions (Eurogamer.net)
15-02-20 (08:14)   The Witcher season 2 gets an 'intimacy coordinator' - so there's probably going to be more sex (PCGamesN.com)
15-02-20 (07:43)   DT Giveaway: Enter now to win an HP Envy 32 4K all-in-one desktop PC (Digital Trends)
15-02-20 (06:16)   PC-optimized Snapdragon 8cx and Microsoft SQ1 compared with the original Snapdragon 855 (NotebookCheck.net)
15-02-20 (05:52)   Japanese Games, Developers, Artists Celebrate Valentine's Day 2020 (DualShockers)
15-02-20 (05:30)   State Of Decay 2: Juggernaut Edition Announced For March 13th (GamingBolt)
15-02-20 (05:01)   Rainbow Six Siege's Newest Operators Revealed In Space Age Trailer (GamingBolt)
15-02-20 (01:39)   You need to play The Cat Lady (PC Gamer)
15-02-20 (01:23)   Disintegration Continues to Be A Breath of Fresh Air for Competitive Multiplayer (DualShockers)
15-02-20 (01:12)   How to pair Apple AirPods with a Windows PC (Digital Trends)
15-02-20 (01:08)   How to cook cats in Magic Arena, and other winning combos (PC Gamer)
15-02-20 (00:54)   Shenmue 3's Story Quest Pack DLC arrives next week (PC Gamer)
15-02-20 (00:52)   Project Flashpoint Has Saved Over 36,000 Doomed Flash Games, Which Are Now Playable Offline (DualShockers)
15-02-20 (00:45)   Avengers story leaks reveal a trip to Marvel's silly side (PCGamesN.com)
15-02-20 (00:14)   Coffee Talk Is A Sleepy Little Game In A Magical, 'Post-Racial' World (Kotaku)
15-02-20 (00:08)   Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem would be an adequate ARPG if it weren't so buggy and unpolished (PC Gamer)
15-02-20 (00:03)   Ruin a perfectly good Valentine's date with Table Manners today (Rock, Paper, Shotgun)
14-02-20 (23:52)   Table Manners is a Wacky Physics-Based Dating Sim That's Out Now (DualShockers)
14-02-20 (23:25)   Hunt: Showdown is raising funds for Australian wildlife with the Fire Fight DLC (PC Gamer)
14-02-20 (23:20)   State of Decay 2 gets massive free overhaul next month with new Juggernaut Edition (Eurogamer.net)
14-02-20 (23:06)   Sony is turning free-to-play FPS mega-hit CrossFire into a movie (Eurogamer.net)
14-02-20 (22:49)   Final Fantasy 7 Remake's full 5 minute intro movie is revealed (Rock, Paper, Shotgun)
14-02-20 (22:45)   Two new witchers reportedly join the Witcher season 2 cast (PCGamesN.com)
14-02-20 (22:37)   Session Xbox One Details Coming Next Week, Skate-Inspired Controls Teased (DualShockers)
14-02-20 (22:08)   Nvidia says a 'misunderstanding' led to Activision's departure from GeForce Now (PC Gamer)
14-02-20 (21:18)   Love - A Puzzle Box Filled With Stories looks like a bittersweet treat (Rock, Paper, Shotgun)
14-02-20 (21:08)   AMD's 6-core Ryzen 5 3600X CPU is on sale for $195 today (PC Gamer)
14-02-20 (21:06)   Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot is January 2020's Big Winner on NPD Charts (DualShockers)
14-02-20 (20:52)   State of Decay 2: Juggernaut Edition Launches March 13 (DualShockers)
14-02-20 (20:41)   PC Multiplayer Games Get Big Discounts In New Weekend Sale (GameSpot)
14-02-20 (20:39)   The IRS may want to tax your V-Bucks (PC Gamer)
14-02-20 (20:37)   Celebrate 'Jill Valentine's Day' with These Silly Resident Evil 3 Cards (DualShockers)
14-02-20 (20:35)   Enjoyable Mega-Man-inspired procedural rogue-like 20XX is getting a sequel (Eurogamer.net)
14-02-20 (20:25)   Destiny 2 players are making a big mistake by sleeping on Charged With Light mods (PC Gamer)
14-02-20 (20:14)   Alan Wake and Control devs have an "unannounced game project" in the works (PCGamesN.com)
14-02-20 (20:08)   Are you going to buy a PS5 or new Xbox? (PC Gamer)
14-02-20 (20:08)   This compact gaming desktop from Asus just got some big upgrades (PC Gamer)
14-02-20 (20:08)   A new Half-Life: Alyx screenshot shows a very familiar error message (PC Gamer)
14-02-20 (19:54)   Save $750 on an Alienware RTX 2070-powered laptop with this killer deal (PC Gamer)
14-02-20 (19:54)   Razer Deathadder V2 review (PC Gamer)
14-02-20 (19:39)   Xur location and items from 14 February: Where is the snake-faced bastard this week? (PC Gamer)
14-02-20 (19:25)   This Razer mechanical keyboard is just 79, its lowest price ever (PC Gamer)
14-02-20 (19:20)   Remedy confirms it has three games in the works, alongside this year's Control DLC (Eurogamer.net)
14-02-20 (19:08)   SSDs have virtually killed off laptop HDDs in Western Europe (PC Gamer)
14-02-20 (19:06)   9 Games That Developers Should Launch Porting Projects For On Kickstarter (DualShockers)
14-02-20 (19:03)   Baldur's Gate 3 may be out this year if you believe this goof-up by Google (Rock, Paper, Shotgun)
14-02-20 (18:59)   The Castlevania season 3 trailer is here and Alucard is still disgustingly hot (PCGamesN.com)
14-02-20 (18:54)   Stadia says Baldur's Gate 3 will be out this year (PC Gamer)
14-02-20 (18:54)   The best League of Legends champions (PC Gamer)
14-02-20 (18:45)   Call of Duty: Modern Warfare will get a "clear all green dots" button (PCGamesN.com)
14-02-20 (18:45)   Leaked AMD B550AM motherboard will end the PCIe 4.0 price premium (PCGamesN.com)
14-02-20 (18:44)   The Division 2: Warlords of New York and the Issues With Seasonal Looter Shooters (GamingBolt)
14-02-20 (18:18)   Wolcen guide: 25 tips and tricks for beginners (Rock, Paper, Shotgun)
14-02-20 (18:10)   Top New Video Game Releases On Switch, PS4, Xbox One, And PC This Week -- February 9-15, 2020 (GameSpot)
14-02-20 (18:08)   Red Dead Redemption 2 voice actor Roger Clark has released the first of his cowboy audiobook series (PC Gamer)
14-02-20 (18:08)   Celebrate the Sonic the Hedgehog movie's release with up to 75% off the games on Steam (PC Gamer)
14-02-20 (18:03)   5 games that prove friendship is better and more interesting than romance (Rock, Paper, Shotgun)
14-02-20 (17:59)   Halo: MCC's Combat Evolved test is live now - for some PC players (PCGamesN.com)
14-02-20 (17:52)   Super Mario Sunshine Hack Brings Mario 64 to Delfino Plaza (DualShockers)
14-02-20 (17:49)   Marvel's Avengers achievements list leaks story details (Eurogamer.net)
14-02-20 (17:49)   The Witcher 3 best weapons: the best swords for early game and late game (Rock, Paper, Shotgun)
14-02-20 (17:49)   That pesky goose has gone and stolen the D.I.C.E award for Game Of The Year (Rock, Paper, Shotgun)
14-02-20 (17:49)   Best PC gaming deals of the week - 14th February 2020 (Rock, Paper, Shotgun)
14-02-20 (17:32)   Remedy are working on two new projects, and one is a live-service multiplayer game (Rock, Paper, Shotgun)
14-02-20 (17:32)   After years of driving wacky novelties in GTA Online, I finally bought a good car and realised I've been a huge fool (Rock, Paper, Shotgun)
14-02-20 (17:08)   I won't be asking comedy physics game Table Manners out for a second date (PC Gamer)
14-02-20 (17:06)   Save up to 75% in the Humble Store's VR Sale (Eurogamer.net)
14-02-20 (17:03)   The 10 most unhealthy relationships in games (Rock, Paper, Shotgun)
14-02-20 (16:54)   Untitled Goose Game wins Game of the Year at this year's DICE awards (PC Gamer)
14-02-20 (16:49)   My musical highlights from Steam's soundtrack sale (Rock, Paper, Shotgun)
14-02-20 (16:43)   First Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary PC test live now, here's what it includes (GamesRadar)
14-02-20 (16:32)   Former Starbreeze CFO Sebastian Ahlskog convicted of insider trading (Rock, Paper, Shotgun)
14-02-20 (16:28)   Quantum lasers could let you download your full Steam library in under 3 minutes (PCGamesN.com)
14-02-20 (16:08)   Learning Street Fighter 5 was a punishing, exhilarating experience (PC Gamer)
14-02-20 (15:54)   First PC build of Halo: Combat Evolved is now available for select Halo Insiders (On MSFT)
14-02-20 (15:45)   You can speedrun Half-Life 2 in just 48 minutes - this video proves it (PCGamesN.com)
14-02-20 (15:39)   Massive Entertainment producer confirms that Avatar game is still in development (PC Gamer)
14-02-20 (15:39)   Which FIFA 20 players are getting a winter upgrade? (PC Gamer)
14-02-20 (15:30)   Grounded Panel Confirmed for PAX East 2020 by Obsidian Entertainment (GamingBolt)
14-02-20 (15:28)   Iana and Oryx officially unveiled for Rainbow Six Siege (PCGamesN.com)
14-02-20 (15:06)   The Sonic Ultimate Sale is on (Eurogamer.net)
14-02-20 (15:03)   Roccat's Kain 200 wireless mouse broke my heart (Rock, Paper, Shotgun)
14-02-20 (15:03)   My Football Manager game unravelled because I said no, once, to one player (Rock, Paper, Shotgun)
14-02-20 (15:03)   Have You Played... Kitty Powers' Love Life (Rock, Paper, Shotgun)
14-02-20 (15:02)   Microsoft Begins Testing Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary on PC (Thurrott.com)
14-02-20 (15:01)   Shenmue 3 Story Quest DLC Releases February 18th (GamingBolt)
14-02-20 (15:01)   Control Developer Might Be Working on PS5 and Xbox Series X Ports (GamingBolt)
14-02-20 (15:01)   Remedy Entertainment Working On Four Projects, Including A Live Service Title (GamingBolt)
14-02-20 (14:32)   Steam can now tell you what to play next from your backlog (Rock, Paper, Shotgun)
14-02-20 (14:15)   Wasteland 3 Shows Off Little Vegas In Valentine's Day Trailer (GamingBolt)
14-02-20 (14:08)   LUNA The Shadow Dust review (PC Gamer)

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