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24-06-24 (10:29)   Elden Ring Player Pulls Off Epic Attack That Looks Straight Out of an Anime (Game Rant)
24-06-24 (05:46)   Destiny 2 Player Transforms Their Titan Into Kojima Productions' Mascot (Game Rant)
24-06-24 (05:29)   Overwatch 2's Ashe and B.O.B. Get Route 66-Inspired 1950s Fan Makeovers (Game Rant)
24-06-24 (05:08)   Today's Wordle answer for Monday, June 24 (PC Gamer)
24-06-24 (04:39)   Its five year plan complete, Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic releases its industrial city-building into 1.0 (PC Gamer)
24-06-24 (04:08)   Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree is peak FromSoftware, with everything players complained about in the base game dialed up to 11 in the funniest way possible (PC Gamer)
24-06-24 (04:08)   Five new Steam games you probably missed (June 24, 2024) (PC Gamer)
24-06-24 (03:54)   Thanks to the abridged version of actual-play RPG series Critical Role, I might make it through a whole campaign for once (PC Gamer)
24-06-24 (03:15)   Hilarious Elden Ring Clip Proves Player Messages Are as Humorous as Ever (Game Rant)
24-06-24 (03:00)   Hilarious Overwatch 2 Bug is Forcing Lucio Players To A-Pose (Game Rant)
24-06-24 (02:46)   Destiny 2 Temporarily Disables Rewards From Private Crucible Matches (Game Rant)
24-06-24 (02:15)   Fallout 76 Fixes Some Big Problems on PlayStation, But Fans Want More (Game Rant)
24-06-24 (02:00)   GTA 5 Fan Discovers Unreleased Content from Cancelled Singleplayer DLC (Game Rant)
24-06-24 (01:29)   All Scadutree Fragments in Southern Shores - Elden Ring DLC (Game Rant)
24-06-24 (01:15)   Red Dead Redemption 2 Fan Makes Pearson's Camp Stew in Real Life (Game Rant)
24-06-24 (01:15)   Neat Minecraft Mod Allows Players to Study While Playing (Game Rant)
24-06-24 (01:08)   More details on MS Flight Simulator 2024, including full 3D landscapes in 30 biomes (PC Gamer)
24-06-24 (00:29)   Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree - Rellana, Twin Moon Knight Full Boss Fight (Game Rant)
24-06-24 (00:29)   Starfield Player Points Out Funny Mistake That Baseball Fans Can't Unsee (Game Rant)
24-06-24 (00:15)   The Sims 4 Player Hires a Nanny, Regrets It (Game Rant)
24-06-24 (00:15)   Helldivers 2 Fan's Extraction Attempt Fails Hilariously at the Final Moment (Game Rant)
23-06-24 (23:46)   Incredible Starfield Autopilot Mod Completely Overhauls Space Travel (Game Rant)
23-06-24 (23:39)   There is an early power up in Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree that basically turns the game into Sekiro, but the description is so vague I didn't realize how good it was until 40 hours later (PC Gamer)
23-06-24 (23:39)   FIFA will host an actual Rocket League world cup complete with national teams (PC Gamer)
23-06-24 (23:15)   Starfield Mod Gives a Lore Friendly Overhaul to the Mantis Armor Set (Game Rant)
23-06-24 (23:15)   Dedicated Fallout 4 Player Makes an XP Farm Using a Real-Life Drill (Game Rant)
23-06-24 (22:46)   Borderlands Could Go The Cyberpunk 2077 Route For Its Vault Hunters (Game Rant)
23-06-24 (22:15)   New PlayStation Plus Code Gets You More Free Avatars (Game Rant)
23-06-24 (22:00)   Chaotic FPS Trilogy is Absurdly Cheap on Steam For a Limited Time (Game Rant)
23-06-24 (21:54)   Mad with power, researcher and Minecraft fan creates a way to voxelize the whole world (PC Gamer)
23-06-24 (21:46)   Xbox Exec Says The Company Will Plan Around GTA 6's Launch (Game Rant)
23-06-24 (21:29)   Elden Ring Is Blowing Up on Steam Thanks to Shadow of the Erdtree (Game Rant)
23-06-24 (21:15)   Genshin Impact Leak Reveals Major Quality-of-Life Feature Coming in Version 4.8 (Game Rant)
23-06-24 (21:15)   Avowed May Be Repeating an Old Trope, But it Makes Perfect Sense (Game Rant)
23-06-24 (21:00)   WoW Players Want Change Made to One Armor System in The War Within (Game Rant)
23-06-24 (20:54)   Model viewer forensics reveal that Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree's Dancing Lion boss is actually two little guys piloting it around (PC Gamer)
23-06-24 (20:46)   Call of Duty: Black Ops 6's Always Online Controversy Explained (Game Rant)
23-06-24 (20:35)   PC designed to be air cooled at the center of a massive fan — centrifugal force says no (Toms Hardware Guide)
23-06-24 (20:15)   Rumor: Honkai: Star Rail Leak Teases Fourth World (Game Rant)
23-06-24 (20:00)   Final Fantasy Fan Shows Off Incredible Paintings They Made in a Week (Game Rant)
23-06-24 (19:46)   Fallout Fan Makes Neat Thrift Store Find (Game Rant)
23-06-24 (19:46)   Wuthering Waves Player Has Surprising Mid-Ocean Encounter (Game Rant)
23-06-24 (19:15)   Ruined Forge of Starfall Past Walkthrough in Elden Ring DLC (Game Rant)
23-06-24 (18:59)   Elden Ring rockets up Steam thanks to DLC, but can't top launch record (PCGamesN.com)
23-06-24 (18:46)   Rumor: Palworld Community Manager Hints at Possible PS5 Version (Game Rant)
23-06-24 (18:46)   The Next God of War Needs its Own Ratatoskr (Game Rant)
23-06-24 (18:15)   Elden Ring Fan Creates Incredible Acrylic Painting of The Lands Between (Game Rant)
23-06-24 (18:14)   Elden Ring Hornsent quest guide (PCGamesN.com)
23-06-24 (18:06)   Slay the Princess dev encourages players to pirate its viral game instead of watching it on YouTube (Eurogamer.net)
23-06-24 (18:00)   Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree's Lack of Trophies is a Puzzling Decision (Game Rant)
23-06-24 (17:45)   Raucous strategy game Gladiator Guild Manager hits 1.0 on Steam (PCGamesN.com)
23-06-24 (17:30)   The original release of The Thing video game didn't entirely work, but Nightdive Studios promises it will "fulfil the original vision" (VG247)
23-06-24 (17:29)   Shadow of the Erdtrees Death Knight Perfect Evolution of Crucible Knight (Game Rant)
23-06-24 (17:28)   The Deus Ex randomizer just got a huge update, now you can pet the dog (PCGamesN.com)
23-06-24 (17:20)   Destiny 2 disables rewards in private Crucible matches after players discover loot farm exploit (Eurogamer.net)
23-06-24 (17:15)   Elden Ring Publisher Offers Tip for Players Struggling With Shadow of the Erdtrees Difficulty (Game Rant)
23-06-24 (16:49)   Palworld community manager teases PS5 version (Eurogamer.net)
23-06-24 (16:46)   Why Ace Attorney Investigations Collection is a Big Deal (Game Rant)
23-06-24 (16:46)   Life by You's Cancelation Means One Life Sim Gimmick is Back on the Table (Game Rant)
23-06-24 (16:45)   Elden Ring Leda quest guide (PCGamesN.com)
23-06-24 (16:15)   Arkane Austin might be gone, but its studio head received a "burst of energy" after Redfall's final update (VG247)
23-06-24 (16:15)   How to Find a Trial Chamber in Minecraft (Game Rant)
23-06-24 (16:15)   Helldivers 2s New Vipers Commando Warbond is a Double-Edged Sword (Game Rant)
23-06-24 (15:46)   Honkai: Star Rail Leaks Show New Region (Game Rant)
23-06-24 (15:46)   XDefiant Producer Confirms Highly-Requested Feature is in Development (Game Rant)
23-06-24 (15:45)   Free Victoria 3 update adds game-changing new features as DLC lands (PCGamesN.com)
23-06-24 (15:44)   Hoping to play Palworld on PlayStation? A recent tease suggests you might get your wish (VG247)
23-06-24 (15:29)   Where to Find the Heavy Impact Sniper Rifle in Fortnite (Game Rant)
23-06-24 (15:29)   Gears of War: E-Day Could Use a Trio of Locust Type to be Truly Terrifying (Game Rant)
23-06-24 (15:29)   Stormgate's Third Faction Is Not Just Another Protoss (Game Rant)
23-06-24 (14:46)   Canceled Cyberpunk 2077 DLC Leak Could Shed Light on Project Orion's Plot (Game Rant)
23-06-24 (14:29)   Fortnite Reload: Quests & Rewards (Game Rant)
23-06-24 (14:29)   Tales of the Shire Needs to Treat Players to Foreign Culinary Indulgences (Game Rant)
23-06-24 (14:14)   Asus Vivobook S 15 Copilot+ PC Review: Promising Battery Life (WIRED)
23-06-24 (13:46)   Why Hollow Knight: Silksong's Possible Size Could Be a Double-Edged Sword (Game Rant)
23-06-24 (13:46)   Predicting Diablo 4 Vessel of Hatred's New Spiritborn Class's Abilities (Game Rant)
23-06-24 (13:29)   The Elder Scrolls 6 Can Kill Two Birds With One Stone With The Thieves Guild (Game Rant)
23-06-24 (13:28)   Promising pixel art tower defense game Bean Beasts gets new Steam demo (PCGamesN.com)
23-06-24 (13:15)   The Case For and Against Fortnite Unvaulting Battle Pass Skins (Game Rant)
23-06-24 (13:15)   Grand Theft Auto 6 Has an Easy Excuse to Update the Protagonists' Home Life (Game Rant)
23-06-24 (13:14)   Overcome the Elden Ring DLC difficulty with this build crafting mod (PCGamesN.com)
23-06-24 (13:00)   Qualcomm and Microsoft go 'beyond the call of duty' to stop independent Copilot+ PC reviews (Tweaktown.com)
23-06-24 (12:46)   Hogwarts Legacy's RPG Approach Should Bleed into Another Highly Popular Genre (Game Rant)
23-06-24 (12:44)   Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree is sitting at a "mixed" rating on Steam because it's just too dang hard (VG247)
23-06-24 (12:15)   Wuthering Waves: Lore of the Resonators Explained (Game Rant)
23-06-24 (12:15)   Humphry Is Fables Version of Dragon Age's Varric (Game Rant)
23-06-24 (12:14)   Slay the Princess dev says "pirate it" as Markiplier series goes viral (PCGamesN.com)
23-06-24 (12:14)   Superlative stealth strategy game Shadow Tactics is a steal right now (PCGamesN.com)
23-06-24 (10:45)   Elden Ring Messmer the Impaler boss guide (PCGamesN.com)
23-06-24 (06:08)   Check out this hilarious indie about a robot reporter working for a sci-fi newspaper (PC Gamer)
23-06-24 (06:00)   Sigewinne Ascension Mats: Full Ascension and Talent Materials List - Genshin Impact (Game Rant)
23-06-24 (05:15)   Clever Diablo 4 Trick Helps Barbarian Players Gain Expertise Fast (Game Rant)
23-06-24 (05:08)   Today's Wordle answer for Sunday, June 23 (PC Gamer)
23-06-24 (05:00)   Destiny 2 Player Creates a Pale Heart-Themed Titan, and It's Absolutely Gorgeous (Game Rant)
23-06-24 (04:46)   Elden Ring Player Notices Shockingly Cute Detail About Shadow of the Erdtree's Forge Golems (Game Rant)
23-06-24 (04:39)   Larian gave Baldur's Gate 3 its acclaimed reactivity by approaching it as 'weird Dungeon Masters' (PC Gamer)
23-06-24 (04:29)   Terrifying Overwatch 2 Workshop Mode Sees Players Chased By a Killer Cow (Game Rant)
23-06-24 (04:08)   Diablo 4's adding a wave-based roguelite mode in Season 5 (PC Gamer)
23-06-24 (04:00)   Overwatch 2 Fans Aren't Happy About Season 11's Battle Pass Skins (Game Rant)
23-06-24 (03:15)   Metaphor: ReFantazio Developer Claims That It'll Be Harder Than Persona (Game Rant)
23-06-24 (03:00)   Minecraft's 1.21 Update Allows Players To Launch Themselves Into Space (Game Rant)
23-06-24 (03:00)   Call of Duty: Black Ops 6 Will Feature Split-Screen, But There's a Catch (Game Rant)
23-06-24 (02:29)   Dedicated Stardew Valley Mom Has Over 1,300 Hours in the Game (Game Rant)
23-06-24 (02:29)   Bungie Teases Prismatic Titan Changes For Destiny 2 (Game Rant)
23-06-24 (02:15)   Elden Ring's Illusory Wall Hunters Need to Be Careful While Playing The DLC (Game Rant)
23-06-24 (01:46)   Overwatch 2 Fan Spots Potential Teaser for Season 12 Hero (Game Rant)
23-06-24 (01:46)   CoD: Black Ops 6 is Seemingly Bringing Back a Controversial Feature (Game Rant)
23-06-24 (01:29)   Elden Ring Player Finds Hidden Passage in Erdtree DLC's Shadow Keep (Game Rant)
23-06-24 (01:15)   All Scadutree Fragments in Gravesite Plain - Elden Ring DLC (Game Rant)
23-06-24 (01:15)   Deepwoken: How to Fish (Game Rant)
23-06-24 (00:15)   WoW Has a Surprise for Players Who Bought the War Within Epic Edition (Game Rant)
23-06-24 (00:15)   SotEs Demi-Human Swordsman Onze is an Improvement for the Archetype (Game Rant)
22-06-24 (23:29)   Baldur's Gate 3 Fan Gives Shadowheart a PlayStation 1-Themed Makeover (Game Rant)
22-06-24 (23:29)   There's a New Best-Selling Resident Evil Game (Game Rant)
22-06-24 (23:29)   Ruined Forge Lava Intake Walkthrough in Elden Ring DLC (Game Rant)
22-06-24 (23:15)   SotEs New Weapon Types Highlight Elden Rings Dark Souls Improvements (Game Rant)
22-06-24 (23:00)   Elden Ring Players Are Getting Sick of the DLC's Crafting Books (Game Rant)
22-06-24 (23:00)   Crash Bandicoot N.Sane Trilogy Hits Massive Sales Milestone (Game Rant)
22-06-24 (22:46)   Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtrees Rellana is Every Bit as Epic as the Sword of Night and Flame Should Be (Game Rant)
22-06-24 (22:39)   The PC Gamer team has collectively spent hundreds of hours playing Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree, and we still have no idea what the deal is with the glowing blue wormy guy (PC Gamer)
22-06-24 (22:29)   WoW Classic Reveals Blackrock Eruption Event for Season of Discovery (Game Rant)
22-06-24 (22:29)   The Best Gaming PC Builds To Max Out GTA V in 2024 (Game Rant)
22-06-24 (22:15)   Sims 4 Player Seemingly Kills Death (Game Rant)
22-06-24 (22:15)   Elden Ring DLC Reveals What's Inside the Living Jars (Game Rant)
22-06-24 (22:15)   Nvidia DLSS Could One Day Incorporate AI Features (Game Rant)
22-06-24 (22:15)   Why Metaphor: ReFantazio Doesn't Have Romance Options (Game Rant)
22-06-24 (22:15)   Grave Seasons Could Be the Perfect Antithesis to Haunted Chocolatier (Game Rant)
22-06-24 (22:15)   Well-Received Switch Console Exclusive is Coming to PlayStation and Xbox (Game Rant)
22-06-24 (22:15)   Fallout 4 Simone Fight Ends in the Most Ridiculous Way Possible (Game Rant)
22-06-24 (22:00)   The Sims 4 Player Shows Off Incredible Recreation of the Clue Mansion (Game Rant)
22-06-24 (22:00)   Elden Ring Players Are Encouraging Each Other to Break the Community's Unwritten Rules (Game Rant)
22-06-24 (21:46)   Marvel vs. Capcom Fighting Collection Arcade Classics Explained (Game Rant)
22-06-24 (20:46)   Honkai: Star Rail Leak Shows Off March 7th's Form Switching Animations (Game Rant)
22-06-24 (20:29)   Fog Rift Catacombs Walkthrough in Elden Ring DLC (Game Rant)
22-06-24 (20:15)   Things You Need to Know About Fortnite Reload (Game Rant)
22-06-24 (20:15)   Dragon Quests New Remake's Are a Head Scratcher (Game Rant)
22-06-24 (20:08)   Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree currently has a 'Mixed' status on Steam, with many of the negative reviews complaining that the bosses are too hard (PC Gamer)
22-06-24 (20:00)   Super Helpful Wuthering Waves Interactive Map Includes Real-Time Tracking (Game Rant)
22-06-24 (20:00)   Yu-Gi-Oh Master Duel Announces New Limited-Time Event (Game Rant)
22-06-24 (19:49)   Elden Ring DLC falls to a "mixed" Steam rating as PC players complain about difficulty and performance (Eurogamer.net)
22-06-24 (19:46)   Starfield's Shattered Space DLC May Atone for the Base Game's Biggest Sin (Game Rant)
22-06-24 (19:46)   Rumor: Genshin Impact Leak Reveals New Pyro Archon Design (Game Rant)
22-06-24 (19:29)   Former BioWare Dev Makes Bold Claim About Dragon Age: The Veilguard Combat (Game Rant)
22-06-24 (19:15)   Disney Dreamlight Valley Launching Inside Out 2 Event Soon (Game Rant)
22-06-24 (19:15)   How Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtrees Scadutree Fragments Keep Character Progression Alive in an Endgame DLC (Game Rant)
22-06-24 (19:15)   World of Warcraft: Midsummer Fire Festival Event Guide (Game Rant)
22-06-24 (19:15)   How a Baldur's Gate 3 Sequel Could Take Alchemy to Greater Heights (Game Rant)
22-06-24 (19:06)   Red Faction: Guerrilla sequel was another Embracer casualty, say former Fishlab devs (Eurogamer.net)
22-06-24 (19:00)   Why Dragon Age: The Veilguard's Rook Doesn't Use Blood Magic (Game Rant)
22-06-24 (18:46)   Zenless Zone Zero Developer Weighs in on Possible Xbox and Switch Ports (Game Rant)
22-06-24 (18:46)   Dragon's Dogma 2 Has Huge Crossover Potential with Another Capcom Franchise (Game Rant)
22-06-24 (18:46)   Fallout 76's Playable Ghouls Should Only Be the Beginning (Game Rant)
22-06-24 (18:45)   Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree falls to 'mixed' Steam rating (PCGamesN.com)
22-06-24 (18:15)   The Sims 4 Gets New Free Item for Pride Month (Game Rant)
22-06-24 (18:15)   Honkai: Star Rail Leak Teases New Apocalyptic Shadow Boss for Version 2.5 (Game Rant)
22-06-24 (18:15)   Co-Op Zombie Shooter is 90% Off on Steam For a Limited Time (Game Rant)
22-06-24 (18:15)   Mortal Kombat 1: Why Homelander's Brutalities Look So Familiar (Game Rant)
22-06-24 (18:14)   Elden Ring Golden Hippopotamus boss guide (PCGamesN.com)
22-06-24 (18:00)   Some Elden Ring Players Are Finding Shadow of the Erdtree Too Hard (Game Rant)
22-06-24 (17:46)   Following Marvel's Midnight Suns, a Marvel Life Sim is Worthwhile (Game Rant)
22-06-24 (17:45)   Sandbox management game Ale and Tale Tavern gets co-op Steam demo (PCGamesN.com)
22-06-24 (17:15)   Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree - How to Get Poisoned Hand (Game Rant)
22-06-24 (17:15)   Content Added in Fortnite Update v30.20 (Game Rant)
22-06-24 (17:14)   Please don't spoil FF14 Dawntrail, Square Enix asks (PCGamesN.com)
22-06-24 (16:29)   How Stormgate Welcomes Casual RTS Players (Game Rant)
22-06-24 (16:28)   Delightful DnD roguelike Dice and Fold has big post-launch plans (PCGamesN.com)
22-06-24 (16:15)   Honkai: Star Rail Leaks Version 2.4 Quality-Of-Life Features (Game Rant)
22-06-24 (16:15)   Dragons Dogma 2: All Inn Locations (Game Rant)
22-06-24 (16:15)   Fortnite: Reboot Rally Quests and Rewards (Game Rant)
22-06-24 (16:06)   Arkane Austin head says the feedback to Redfall's final update has given him "a burst of energy" (Eurogamer.net)
22-06-24 (16:00)   Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree - How To Get Swift Spear (Game Rant)
22-06-24 (15:59)   The next Marvel Rivals beta will be much bigger and easier to get into (PCGamesN.com)
22-06-24 (15:51)   How To Use Google Lens On Your PC (SlashGear)
22-06-24 (15:46)   XDefiant Making Big Change to Weapon XP (Game Rant)
22-06-24 (15:09)   Soapbox: 'Switch 2' Is Nintendo's Chance To Adopt The PC Feature It's Desperate To Take For A Spin (Nintendo Life)
22-06-24 (14:49)   Elden Ring DLC steals The Witcher's crown as best-reviewed RPG expansion, and CDPR gives its blessing (Eurogamer.net)
22-06-24 (14:46)   After Skywalker Saga, LEGO Character Creation Deserves a Comeback (Game Rant)
22-06-24 (13:59)   Excellent survival ARPG The Riftbreaker gets new DLC and a Steam sale (PCGamesN.com)
22-06-24 (13:46)   Dragon Age: The Veilguard is Teasing Answers to a Big Qunari Mystery (Game Rant)
22-06-24 (13:28)   $30 action RPG Shadows Awakening is free to keep, but act fast (PCGamesN.com)
22-06-24 (12:56)   Weekend PC Game Deals: RPG specials, free donuts, and DRM-free summer sales (Neowin.net)
22-06-24 (12:46)   COD: Black Ops 6s Casino Level Could Be Like Desperate Measures (Game Rant)
22-06-24 (12:28)   Diablo 4 Season 5 might be shorter, but it looks like the biggest yet (PCGamesN.com)
22-06-24 (12:15)   How SMT5: Vengeance's Demon Haunts Build on Original's Greatest Strength (Game Rant)
22-06-24 (12:14)   New Elden Ring mod finally brings Bloodborne to PC (PCGamesN.com)
22-06-24 (12:00)   How to Get the Pirates of the Caribbean Pass in Fortnite (Game Rant)
22-06-24 (09:14)   Star Wars Outlaws is discount Uncharted with a mysterious open world (PCGamesN.com)
22-06-24 (07:10)   Get this 49-inch Gigabyte OLED gaming PC monitor for a new low price of $899.99 (Neowin.net)
22-06-24 (06:59)   Elden Ring Rellana Twin Moon Knight boss guide (PCGamesN.com)
22-06-24 (06:15)   League of Legends Getting New Game Mode in July (Game Rant)
22-06-24 (05:15)   Roblox: Anime Defenders - All Traits In The Game (Game Rant)
22-06-24 (05:08)   Today's Wordle answer for Saturday, June 22 (PC Gamer)
22-06-24 (03:29)   Dragon Quest 3 HD-2D Remake Reveals Performance Modes and Difficulty Settings (Game Rant)
22-06-24 (03:15)   Roblox: Type Soul - How To Change The Color Of Flashstep (Game Rant)
22-06-24 (02:39)   Pirate game not seen since 2010 will finally release this year (PC Gamer)
22-06-24 (02:29)   Stardew Valley Player Notices Tree Detail After Years of Playing (Game Rant)
22-06-24 (02:24)   Grab Some All-Time Great PC Games For Cheap During GOG's Summer Sale (GameSpot)
22-06-24 (02:08)   The best builds for Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree (PC Gamer)
22-06-24 (01:15)   Best M4A1 Loadouts in XDefiant (Game Rant)
22-06-24 (00:45)   Level Zero Extraction is a tactical FPS with aliens and it's out soon (PCGamesN.com)
22-06-24 (00:20)   American Truck Simulator circles Iowa on the map as its next DLC destination (Eurogamer.net)
22-06-24 (00:15)   How Shadow of the Erdtree Levels the Playing Field for Elden Ring Veterans (Game Rant)
22-06-24 (00:14)   GPO codes June 2024 (PCGamesN.com)
22-06-24 (00:00)   Diablo 4 Season 5 Adding New Endgame Mode (Game Rant)
21-06-24 (23:54)   Lowering Elden Ring's difficulty would attract more players but would also 'break the game itself,' says director Hidetaka Miyazaki (PC Gamer)
21-06-24 (23:15)   Helldivers 2 Spear is Causing Major Problems (Game Rant)
21-06-24 (23:15)   Elden Ring: Shadow of The Erdtree - Blackgaol Knight Full Boss Fight (Game Rant)
21-06-24 (23:15)   Fortnite: Chapter One POIs That Need To Come Back (Game Rant)
21-06-24 (23:15)   Ace Attorney Investigations Collection Character Art is Best of Both Worlds (Game Rant)
21-06-24 (23:08)   The latest Space Marine 2 gameplay overview promises 'seemingly endless waves' of Tyranids, chill hangouts on the Battle Barge (PC Gamer)
21-06-24 (22:54)   Shadows: Awakening, an isometric RPG where you play a soul-sucking demon, is free on GOG (PC Gamer)
21-06-24 (22:46)   Divine Beast Dancing Lion Fight (Game Rant)
21-06-24 (22:46)   World of Warcraft Making Big Changes to Holiday Event Bosses (Game Rant)
21-06-24 (22:46)   Stray On Switch Is a Double-Edged Sword (Game Rant)
21-06-24 (22:45)   Two underused DBD killers will get a massive boost in viability (PCGamesN.com)
21-06-24 (22:35)   Weekend PC Download Deals for Jun. 21: Summer sales from GOG.com and Blizzard (Shacknews)
21-06-24 (22:29)   Microsoft Addresses Black Myth: Wukong's Delay on Xbox Series X/S (IGN.com)
21-06-24 (22:29)   Destiny 2's Episode Controversy Explained (Game Rant)
21-06-24 (22:24)   Fortnite Festival Guitar Controller Is Back In Stock For Xbox And PC (GameSpot)
21-06-24 (21:59)   XDefiant ditches controversial XP changes after community backlash (PCGamesN.com)
21-06-24 (21:46)   Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree Takes a Soulslike Staple to New Heights (Game Rant)
21-06-24 (21:46)   Hollow Knight: Silksong Playtester Addresses 'Development Hell' Concerns (Game Rant)
21-06-24 (21:39)   Zero-G PvP shooter that sold 100K in a day is closing after a year—publisher blames developer, developer blames them right back, players just review bomb it (PC Gamer)
21-06-24 (21:29)   Shadow of the Erdtree Puts the Cherry on Top of Elden Rings Main Strength (Game Rant)
21-06-24 (21:29)   Payday 3 Getting Big Update on June 27 (Game Rant)
21-06-24 (21:25)   Miyazaki 'went a little too far' with Elden Ring's poison swamps but says he learned a lesson, which unfortunately is that he needed to come up with new and different ways to kill everyone (PC Gamer)
21-06-24 (20:46)   Big Palia Update Coming on June 25 (Game Rant)
21-06-24 (20:46)   Microsoft Responds to Black Myth Wukong Xbox Delay (Game Rant)
21-06-24 (20:46)   Beyond Good and Evil: 20th Anniversary Edition Features A Mission That Teases the Sequel (Game Rant)
21-06-24 (20:45)   How to get Elden Ring hand-to-hand arts (PCGamesN.com)
21-06-24 (20:45)   Tarisland, the cross platform WoW rival MMORPG, hits full launch (PCGamesN.com)
21-06-24 (20:30)   Snapdragon powered Copilot+ PC's are here (Pocket-lint)
21-06-24 (20:29)   Elden Ring Players Are Getting Wrecked by One of the DLC's Very First Enemies (Game Rant)
21-06-24 (20:15)   Fortnite Brings Tilted Towers and Other Fan Favorite Locations, But With a Twist (Game Rant)
21-06-24 (20:15)   Project Orion Needs its Own Cyberpunk 2077 'Machine Gun' Quest (Game Rant)
21-06-24 (20:08)   Finally, a game that captures the best part of my old book store job: making the perfect book rec (PC Gamer)
21-06-24 (19:46)   You Can Get All 3 Dragon Age Games Super Cheap Right Now (Game Rant)
21-06-24 (19:46)   Xbox is Getting Its Own Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree Controller (Game Rant)
21-06-24 (19:46)   Dragon Age: The Veilguard Director Has Good News for Mage Players (Game Rant)
21-06-24 (19:46)   Every Dragon Quest 3: HD-2D Class Explained (Game Rant)
21-06-24 (19:46)   Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree - Immunizing Horn Charm +2 Talisman Location & Effects (Game Rant)
21-06-24 (19:43)   iBUYPOWER and Ryzen combine to offer gamers an irresistible combination of performance and price on their next PC (PC Invasion)
21-06-24 (19:35)   PowerWash Simulator's Alice's Adventures DLC gets July release date (Eurogamer.net)
21-06-24 (19:29)   Destiny 2: Xur Exotic Armor, Weapon, and Recommendations for June 21 (Game Rant)
21-06-24 (19:29)   Disney Dreamlight Valley Details New Star Path Coming on June 26 (Game Rant)
21-06-24 (19:08)   Cyberpunk life sim Nivalis is now set to come out in spring 2025, and I'm more excited for it than ever (PC Gamer)
21-06-24 (19:06)   You can currently pick up the Dragon Age series for under a tenner (Eurogamer.net)
21-06-24 (19:00)   A New Red Faction Game Was Reportedly Canceled (Game Rant)
21-06-24 (18:46)   Fortnite's Next Major Update Drops Tomorrow (Game Rant)
21-06-24 (18:46)   PC Gamers Have Limited Time to Claim $30 Action-RPG for Free (Game Rant)
21-06-24 (18:46)   Monster Hunter Wilds: Alma Is Already a Good Omen for the Story (Game Rant)
21-06-24 (18:45)   How to find the Elden Ring storeroom key (PCGamesN.com)
21-06-24 (18:45)   Back 4 Blood player numbers suddenly revive, three years after launch (PCGamesN.com)
21-06-24 (18:45)   Ultra-hard new co-op game Chained Together races up the Steam charts (PCGamesN.com)
21-06-24 (18:39)   Extreme overclocker Vince 'Kingpin' Lucido is working with PNY on its GPUs—and potentially the next-gen Nvidia cards (PC Gamer)
21-06-24 (18:29)   Elden Ring DLC Has Broken One of the Game's Most Popular Mods (Game Rant)
21-06-24 (18:25)   'Seems the Spear is cursed': Even in an otherwise good Helldivers 2 patch, the FAF-14 Spear can't catch a break as it starts crashing games (PC Gamer)
21-06-24 (18:25)   Xbox executives just cannot give a straight answer to questions about Tango Gameworks (PC Gamer)
21-06-24 (18:14)   These retro PC gaming laptops use the real hardware, and I want one (PCGamesN.com)
21-06-24 (18:08)   Super-tiny capacitors could enable a 'whole new realm' of ultra-efficient devices, maybe even handheld gaming PCs with more than 15 minutes of battery life (PC Gamer)
21-06-24 (17:59)   Tomb Raider owner Embracer thinks AI will "empower" devs but few agree (PCGamesN.com)
21-06-24 (17:59)   Intel's Lunar Lake CPUs could be delayed, miss the back-to-school rush (PCGamesN.com)
21-06-24 (17:54)   Riot unveils League of Legends' summer event and, by jove, I think that's just Vampire Survivors (PC Gamer)
21-06-24 (17:46)   Rumor: Dragon Quest 3 HD-2D Remake Could Be Adding Fan Favorite Class (Game Rant)
21-06-24 (17:46)   Epic Games Store Free Game for June 27 Revealed (Game Rant)
21-06-24 (17:46)   Helldivers 2: The Argument For and Against a Spear Rework (Game Rant)
21-06-24 (17:46)   Minecraft Shares Exciting News for PlayStation 5 Players (Game Rant)
21-06-24 (17:46)   Serum Interview: Game Island CEO Talks Making Their First Game (Game Rant)
21-06-24 (17:39)   'We just happened to release it into the market at the right time': Even after Elden Ring's DLC victory lap, FromSoftware's Hidetaka Miyazaki still wears the 'soulslike' crown with humility (PC Gamer)
21-06-24 (17:39)   Spare a thought for the 60% of us who can't join you all in Shadow of the Erdtree because we never beat Mohg (PC Gamer)
21-06-24 (17:31)   Flight Simulator Updates Continue With Free Las Vegas Expansion On Xbox & PC (Pure Xbox)
21-06-24 (17:28)   Beautiful new cyberpunk sandbox building game Dystopika hits Steam (PCGamesN.com)
21-06-24 (17:24)   Elden Ring-Themed Xbox And PC Controller Up For Preorder At Amazon (GameSpot)
21-06-24 (17:15)   League of Legends' new summer event is a loving send-up of Vampire Survivors that you've got to play (VG247)
21-06-24 (17:15)   Fantasian Neo Dimension's Trajectories are a Huge Turn-Based Upgrade (Game Rant)
21-06-24 (17:14)   League of Legends Swarm fixes LoL's summer event problem (PCGamesN.com)
21-06-24 (17:14)   New League of Legends mode Swarm is a leveled-up Odyssey (PCGamesN.com)
21-06-24 (17:00)   Rumor: Sony Makes Major Cuts to VR Development (Game Rant)
21-06-24 (17:00)   Marvel Rivals Reveals New Beta Content Details (Game Rant)
21-06-24 (16:59)   Elden Ring Blackgaol Knight boss guide (PCGamesN.com)
21-06-24 (16:54)   This 20,000HP AI-generated rocket engine took just two weeks to design and looks like HR Giger's first attempt at designing a trumpet (PC Gamer)
21-06-24 (16:46)   Fortnite Player Finds Way to Farm Metallica Notes Fast (Game Rant)
21-06-24 (16:46)   Some Elden Ring Players Are Having Trouble Starting the DLC (Game Rant)
21-06-24 (16:46)   GreedFall 2 Can Look to Its Peers to Spice Up a Core Gameplay Aspect (Game Rant)
21-06-24 (16:46)   Life By You is Canceled, But Another Sims Competitor is Still Coming (Game Rant)
21-06-24 (16:29)   "It Doesn't Need to be a Fortnite" - Xalavier Nelson Jr. on Defender's Quest 2 and Indie Development (Game Rant)
21-06-24 (16:25)   CD Projekt sends in Geralt to help its devs kill Mohg as it congratulates Shadow of the Erdtree on eclipsing Witcher 3's record review scores (PC Gamer)
21-06-24 (16:08)   If you only try one of Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree's new weapons, make it Dryleaf Arts (PC Gamer)
21-06-24 (16:08)   Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree's release has busted the Seamless Co-op mod, but its creator has a fix incoming 'as soon as possible' (PC Gamer)
21-06-24 (15:59)   Gorgeous 2D pixel art metroidvania Noreya launches on Steam (PCGamesN.com)
21-06-24 (15:46)   Red Dead Redemption 3 Doesn't Need to Atone For RDR2's Biggest Sins (Game Rant)
21-06-24 (15:29)   ARK Player Builds Impressive Settlement Inspired by Game of Thrones (Game Rant)
21-06-24 (15:28)   Save a massive 50% on this 165Hz, 27-inch Samsung gaming monitor (PCGamesN.com)
21-06-24 (15:15)   Honkai: Star Rail Leak Reveals Yunli's Light Cone (Game Rant)
21-06-24 (15:08)   Samsung Odyssey G8 OLED G80SD review (PC Gamer)
21-06-24 (15:06)   Sony accidentally leaks unannounced Helldivers 2 strategem (Eurogamer.net)
21-06-24 (14:39)   How to defeat Rellana, Twin Moon Knight in Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree (PC Gamer)
21-06-24 (14:25)   Intel's Lunar Lake mobile CPUs reportedly delayed until the end of the year, missing the big back-to-school period (PC Gamer)
21-06-24 (14:25)   6 months after revealing plans to become 'aggressive in applying AI', Square Enix's president announces he's being careful in applying AI (PC Gamer)
21-06-24 (14:15)   One Enemy in a Resident Evil 0 Remake May be Scarier than RE1 Crimson Heads (Game Rant)
21-06-24 (14:13)   Here's an update on long-awaited sequel 'Hollow Knight: Silksong' (NME.COM)
21-06-24 (14:08)   The Hollow Knight: Silksong delirium reaches its pitchfork stage as former playtester saying the game isn't 'in dev hell' gets eviscerated for it (PC Gamer)
21-06-24 (14:00)   Banana Game Dev Addresses 'Scam' Accusation (Game Rant)
21-06-24 (13:59)   NZXT Function 2 review: making waves in the gaming keyboard market (PCGamesN.com)
21-06-24 (13:46)   State of Decay 3 Is Facing an Uphill Battle With a Signature Feature (Game Rant)
21-06-24 (13:45)   Colossal space sim sandbox game X4 gets huge update and new story DLC (PCGamesN.com)
21-06-24 (13:45)   Best Game of Thrones games for fans of series to play in 2024 (PCGamesN.com)
21-06-24 (13:45)   Best Elden Ring settings for max fps (PCGamesN.com)
21-06-24 (13:39)   This van life-themed unpacking game promised me pure relaxation, but I got so angry about a paella pan it kept me up at night (PC Gamer)
21-06-24 (13:39)   You can grab all 3 Dragon Age games and all their DLC for a measly 10 bucks on Steam right now (PC Gamer)
21-06-24 (13:29)   Where to find the Sword of Night and Flame in Elden Ring (Game Rant)
21-06-24 (13:15)   Assassin's Creed Shadows Has a Clear Comparison to Ghost of Tsushima (Game Rant)
21-06-24 (13:15)   Genshin Impact Leak Hints at Columbina Element and Team Comp Role (Game Rant)
21-06-24 (13:14)   AOC's new 280Hz gaming monitor has an astoundingly low price (PCGamesN.com)
21-06-24 (13:14)   New FPS Strinova is Valorant with anime girls and a huge twist (PCGamesN.com)
21-06-24 (13:13)   'Elden Ring' update finally fixes blindingly annoying problem (NME.COM)
21-06-24 (13:06)   Dark and Darker reinvigorates the senses and reminds us how terrifying dungeons can be (Eurogamer.net)
21-06-24 (12:59)   Elden Ring Blade of Mercy location (PCGamesN.com)
21-06-24 (12:54)   US Gov announces upcoming ban of Kaspersky antivirus software for US customers—including future updates—citing an 'unacceptable risk to national security' (PC Gamer)
21-06-24 (12:37)   Elden Ring: How to Get To Windmill Village (DualShockers)
21-06-24 (12:37)   Elden Ring: Where To Get Whetstone Knife And Use Ashe Of War (DualShockers)
21-06-24 (12:30)   Uh oh, Helldivers 2's latest Major Order might come a cropper at the last minute, because people are too busy climbing trees (VG247)
21-06-24 (12:15)   Watch Blizzard detail why the PTR is coming back for Diablo 4's Season 5 (VG247)
21-06-24 (12:15)   Fallout 4: Dunwich Borers Location Guide (Game Rant)
21-06-24 (12:14)   AMD's newest Ryzen gaming CPUs just got a significant price cut (PCGamesN.com)
21-06-24 (12:14)   Classic, realistic city builder makes its return in Industry Giant 4.0 (PCGamesN.com)
21-06-24 (11:44)   'Beyond Good & Evil' remaster coming next week (NME.COM)
21-06-24 (11:20)   What we've been playing - wells, late-night pictures, and the world's largest patch notes (Eurogamer.net)
21-06-24 (11:15)   Honkai: Star Rail Leaks Version 2.4 Events (Game Rant)
21-06-24 (10:54)   MSI MPG B760I Edge WiFi review (PC Gamer)
21-06-24 (10:15)   Roblox: The Strongest Battlegrounds - How To Get KJ (Game Rant)
21-06-24 (10:06)   Elden Ring's new inventory features are a game changer (Eurogamer.net)
21-06-24 (09:17)   DirectX teams hails Copilot+ PC launch as 'a game-changer' and 'step forward for Arm gaming' (Tweaktown.com)
21-06-24 (09:15)   Elden Ring: How To Beat Mohg, Lord Of Blood (Game Rant)
21-06-24 (05:46)   Minecraft Players Debate Which Scrapped Features They'd Like to See (Game Rant)
21-06-24 (05:46)   Beyond Good and Evil: 20th Anniversary Edition Release Date (Game Rant)
21-06-24 (05:08)   Today's Wordle answer for Friday, June 21 (PC Gamer)
21-06-24 (05:00)   Bubsy Collection Coming Next Year (Game Rant)
21-06-24 (04:46)   Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra is powerful enough to play PC games like Fallout 4 and BioShock (Tweaktown.com)
21-06-24 (04:46)   Classic PS1 Game Fear Effect is Making a Comeback After 25 Years (Game Rant)
21-06-24 (03:15)   No Man's Sky Player Discovers Hilarious New Method of Space Travel (Game Rant)
21-06-24 (02:46)   Overwatch 2 Reveals Twitch Drops for Season 11 (Game Rant)
21-06-24 (02:29)   Gex Trilogy Bringing the Classic Games to Modern Platforms (Game Rant)
21-06-24 (02:00)   Fighting Force Collection Revealed (Game Rant)
21-06-24 (01:54)   Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree is out now and tearing up the Steam charts (PC Gamer)
21-06-24 (01:46)   Elden Ring Fans Are Loving a New Change Made in the Latest Update (Game Rant)
21-06-24 (01:29)   10 Games That Let You Role-Play As A Merchant (Game Rant)
21-06-24 (01:25)   Ubisoft uses the Beyond Good and Evil remaster to promise us for the 29th time—yes, we counted—that Beyond Good and Evil 2 is still happening (PC Gamer)
21-06-24 (01:15)   AMD Reportedly Victim of Data Breach (Game Rant)
21-06-24 (01:15)   Killing Floor 2: How To Emote (Game Rant)

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